Indoor plants hire

Why Hire Plants?

There are a number of "health" reasons to hire 'live' indoor plants into your workplace.

  • they balance the air quality by reducing carbon dioxide infusing more oxygen into the area
  • they stabilise humidity so re-circulated air doesn't become too dry
  • living indoor plants absorb chemicals emitted by office equipment and synthetics used in building materials and office furniture
  • stress is reduced when living greenery surrounds an environment

If these are not good enough reasons alone, 'live' indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing and form an integral part of modern office design. Not only are they healthy and attractive in appearance but they can also be rearranged and relocated with the minimum of disruption, thus saving time and money!

Living plants can also provide a viable alternative to demountable partitions in the open-plan workplace.

Because they are easily moved around, living plants can prevent the need for costly alterations to building structures or for expensive adjustments to existing air distribution systems.

For the building owner and office manager wishing to improve indoor air quality, living plants offer the most economical solution.

NASA research has shown that there is a significant cleansing effect from one plant per 10sqm in any office.

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